The fishing application that we all were waiting for: interactive, simple and social. Developed by fishers for fishers.

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Wefish is available for iOS and android. Download it now and discover a new fishing experience.

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Easy usability and intuitive. Don’t get distracted from the things you really like: Fishing!


You could access to your pictures and information about your fishings in only a few seconds.

iOS / Android

Wefish is available for the main information technologies: iOS and Android


Enjoy this app for free not only downloading it, but its use as well.

Download it now!

Join the Wefish community and take part in a new, attractive and funny fishing experience, where you’ll learn and increase your success.

Begin to share all your fishings with friends in your social networks as well as in this app, giving you all the visibility you wish and remember:

 You can always decide what you share and with whom!


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